West-Balaton Card

Dear Guest!

Would you like to become discount from the price of your Beach pass, or have dinner on a reduced rate during your holiday?

How can you make this?

With this tourist booklet! With 3 day long staying you can have resort to the touristical allowances. The VIP Card is available free of charge, based on the certification of the place accommodation, at the Tourinform Office. You can use your Card with this booklet, which is containing the discounts, and the touristic attractions too.

The West-Balaton card booklet contains lots of useful information that can be helpful during your holiday and you can even save on the expenses. In the booklet you will find all services providing discounts if you own the advantage card. Please always present your card or give it to the service provider before demanding the reduction.

Information booklet

More information:
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H-8360 Keszthely, Kossuth Lajos str. 30. (Walking street)
Tel./Fax: +36-83-314-144
Email: keszthely@tourinform.hu
Web:  www.keszthely.info.hu

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