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Helikon Park


The park is the largest green area in the town. Under its vast, centuries-old trees, on the neat promenades, pleasant walks can be taken. In the middle of the main promenade, there is the domed Helikon Monument, which was erected on the centenary of the Helikon celebrations, belatedly in 1921. It became the symbol of the town.

The famous literary festivals were organized with the support of the Festetics Family. Here, intellectuals from Transdanubia, mostly writers, could meet. The participants planted memorial trees in the park, contributing significantly to landscaping. Unfortunately, these trees were cut down at the beginning of the 1900s, then, in 1920, the residents of the town planted linden trees to replace them. The town acquired the 17-hectare area, which became protected in 1960, through a barter. In 1883, the Festetics Family exchanged the promenade on the shore of Lake Balaton to the area near their Mansion, which they needed for its extension. Jakab Sendl established the park in 1905. As for the stock of plants, deciduous trees dominate; there are mainly horse-chestnut trees with the average trunk diameter of 50-70 cm and the height of more than 13 m. The double sycamore tree line running in the middle of the park, the numerous horse chestnut, cherry, lime, beech, weeping willow and sessile oak trees have to also be mentioned. Among the conifers, the black and the Scots pine, the oriental arborvitae and the bald cypress are outstanding attractions.