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The outskirts of Keszthely

The row of black pines runs parallel to Road 71 leading from Keszthely to Balatonszentgyörgy and lines the carriage road at the former Festetics Manor. It leads straight to the Roman ruins of Fenékpuszta and goes farther to the railway station of Fenékpuszta. The English Mary Hamilton, who was the ex-wife of the Prince of Monaco and who later got married to Tasziló Festetics, planted the row of black pines in 1880. One of her favourite pastimes was riding out in a carriage since English thoroughbreds were reared in her Fenékpuszta manor. The branches of the trees are trimmed to reach high, sometimes to the height of 4-5 metres, not to hinder carriage rides.

On the unique avenue lined with black pines, a Nordic walking route is established. In the framework of the project, in addition to path marking and landscaping, resting places and information boards were also installed. The route passes the Szendrey Júlia Memorial House.