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3 Main Square, Keszthely

After 1910, the first town cinema, the Uránia Theatre, was built in Art Nouveau style. It functioned as a garage since the middle of the 30s. It was demolished in 1964 and replaced by a "concrete box" theatre, which was ill-suited to the atmosphere of the square. The theatre closed in the eighties.

The facade of the Balaton Congress Centre and Theatre, which was inaugurated in 2002, recalls the original building. The reconstruction was based on the plans of Csaba Csontos. The theatre building, adapted to the town's atmosphere and the townscape, is enriched with the reliefs of Imre Schrammel.

The technology of the building, in addition to the equipment needed for traditional theatrical functions, is complemented by state-of-the-art equipment meeting the expectations of the conference function: the institution has professional sound, light and interpreting technology. The institution's highly qualified and experienced staff, well-equipped multifunctional spaces and the colourful programme offers are a guarantee for a successful event, cultural entertainment or education.