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Town Hall

1 Main Square, Keszthely

The former Town Hall was situated at 28 Kossuth Street, where currently the Goldmark Károly Cultural Centre is located.

The current town hall building was built in 1769 and operated as a county hotel. Kristóf Hofstädter designed it. It was rebuilt later and received its contemporary Copf-style facade. A memorial plaque on the building informs you that the Farming Educational Institution, the successor of the former Georgikon, operated in this building between 1865 and 1897.  The renovation works were completed in 1990. During the renovation, architects discovered some frescoes under the multiple layers of plaster. From that point on, the renovation took a new direction. The ceremonial hall, which was unknown to everyone, was uncovered with meticulous work. The frescoes were re-painted by László Haraszti. The former leaders of the town decided to have a series of portraits made of the citizens who had done much for the town. The only remaining piece of the series is the picture of Vencel Reischl (unknown painter).

By means of energy refurbishment, all the exterior doors and windows were renewed in 2015. The replacement of the decayed elements of the roof structure and the entire lathing were carried out, and the roofing received a vapour permeable foil and new tiles in 2017.

The Reischl Family moved from Moravia to Hungary and became true Hungarians. They worked as brewery masters and carried out the duties of town magistrates through generations. Vencel Reischl was the town magistrate of Keszthely for almost 33 years, from 1861 to 1893. His grandson, Imre Reischl was the leader of Keszthely between 1911 and 1936.