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Simon house

3 Kossuth Lajos Street, Keszthely 

The so-called Simon House on the pedestrian street, built around 1790, is a Copf-style trading house. It is an L-shaped, one-storey, pitched-roofed building with a building development in an unbroken row. In the middle axis of the street façade, in a slight projection, there is a stone-framed gate. At the west end of the court wing, the former barn can be found. On the ground floor, there are barrel-vaulted and surbased spherical-vaulted rooms. The doorway has a surbased spherical vault, while the stairways have a barrel vault. Merchant, Mátyás Schwarzberger commissioned architect János György Rantz to build the house, which was completed in 1795. There were flats and the barn of the Festetics Family in the northern wing. The house was named after its owner, who possessed it prior to World War II.