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Dear Guest!

Welcome to the homepage of our fair lakeside town. With its rich history and cultural life and the splendid natural settings, we would often refer to Keszthely as the Capital of Lake Balaton. The modern history of Keszthely dates back over 760 years, even though the area of the town has been continuously inhabited ever since the Roman Empire. You can adore the tranquil townscape and Lake Balaton up from the Keszthely Mountains, bath in the lake in the summer or discover museums, the theatre and our pride the Festetics Palace. At the end of the day enjoy your stay with a bottle of fine local wine and let the carefree laziness crawl down your spine.

I hope you’ll find our homepage helpful for starting planning your journey to the Capital of Lake Balaton, and once visited us, you’ll leave with memories to cherish for many years to come.

Yours truly,

Ruzsics Ferenc


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